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Red Bull Soap Box Derby


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I have always loved watching the Red Bull Soap Box Derby, and thought it would be a fun idea to build a cool LEGO version. The Red Bull Soap Box race challenges fearless and creative teams to build a unique soap box, and in this LEGO Idea prototype, I have recreated three all-time classic designs, the Red Bull Can, A Bathtub and a giant Hot Dog! (The drivers are called Tina Can, Toby Tub and Hot Doug!).

The set includes the following features:
  • The iconic Red Bull inflatable arch.
  • Three soap box designs and drivers.
  • A multi function modular ramp system, kickers, and water jump.
  • Two judges/ presenters with finish flags and microphones.
  • A score table, scorecards and parasol.
  • Crash barriers and hay bales.
  • A winners' podium, trophy and wreath.
  • A total of around 1200 pieces.

Build the soap box cars and the course obstacles, and then race to win! I see the set as a fun play set for all ages that can be a fun individual or shared building experience, that will also encourage creativity by challenging the builders to think of their own soap box designs to expand the scene.

The figures are built to mini land scale (larger than normal minifigures) because I think this allows much more detail to be added to the set. It will also challenge builders to build in new ways and learn new techniques.

Thank you for taking the time to look and read about my idea, I hope you like it! I plan to keep designing and post regular updates with additional soap box designs, so please support and follow. I will also post additional images on my social media @thebrickconsultant.

Thanks again,
Steve Guinness

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