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Jango Fett vs. Komari Vosa - Star Wars Bounty Hunter

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This project is based on the game Star Wars Bounty Hunter, which tells the story about how Jango Fett became the template for the Clone Army. The game concludes in a confrontation were Jango has to face Komari Vosa, Count Dooku's former Padawan, now a Dark Jedi and high priestess of the Bando Gora cult. After Fett's victory over her, Dooku offers to clone him to form a whole army.

My main focus lies on Jango Fett and Komari Vosa.
I think it's definitely time for a new Jango Fett minifigure [EDIT: Okay, we finally got a new one in the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid set and it's really frickin' amazing] and Komari Vosa is just a great villain.

Here are some more minifigs. From left to right:
-A Bando Gora member
-Montros, like Jango a former Mandalorian, now a bounty hunter and Fett's rival
-Zam Wesell, fellow bounty hunter and friend of Jango
-A Bando Gora captain

Sets could include sceneries for key scenes like the final confrontation and vessels like Montros' ship or...

...the iconic Slave 1.

Here is a creation that represents the catacombs inside the citadel on Kohlma, Vosa's base of operations, where Jango chases her to ultimately face her in the throne room.

This here is Vosa's throne room from where she monitors the actions of the Bando Gora. Her final confrontation with Jango and her death afterwards also take place in here.


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