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Ghostbusters Headquarters


Added more outside detailing

I felt the outside of the building still could use more details. I have added the circular ornaments above the doors, added the memorial plaques beside the doors, added the smaller ledges on the side and the rear of the building, added the embossed masonry work at the top of the building, and gave the middle part of the facade an additional layer of depth. With that I think I have added all the outside detailing that I can add.

I have also made a rendering showing the size of the Ghostbusters headquarters relative to other modular buildings. I think it fits in rather nicely! (Click to enlarge)


Added some outside detailing

The feedback for the Ghostbusters headquarters overall has been very positive!

There were however a few people who noted that the outside of the building could use a little more detailing. So I had another look at the outside of the building. I have added the lights next to the doors, and added a few patches of brick texture to give the suggestion of the walls being made up of smaller bricks. As an added bonus this gives the building a more aged look.

A huge thank you to all those who supported! If you haven't already supported, why not do so now?

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