Product Idea

The (Working !) Kit-Cat Clock


Adopt a retro atmosphere that will enhance your living room with the original Kit-Cat Clock! Designed and built with all the respect due to this mythical clock, which sits in the living room of millions of homes around the world, this project will give you the most retro vibes from your inner childhood.

And on top of that, it works exactly like the real one!

Thanks to the magic of LEGO engineering, this legendary clock tells the time with a motor connected to more than 15 different gears respecting a full rotation of the clock in 1h, its eyes moves and its tail swings like a real pendulum.

With only 1300 pieces, the Kit-Cat Clock is the set every fan of LEGO and Clocks dream about !

You can hang your creation in your living room, your bedroom, or even in the toilets if you want ! It's timeless design will seduce your family and friends, and its interior mechanism will bring you the joy to build your own clock.

The first Kit-Cat clock was designed by Earl Arnault in 1932 and manufactured by the Allied Manufacturing Company in Portland, Oregon. The manufacturer estimates that on average one clock has been sold every three minutes over the past 50 years ! Kit-Cat Clocks are frequently seen in movies, commercials and TV shows, it's a Pop Culture Icon which can now be declined as a lego set! Thanks to the support of all the LEGO Community!