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Disco Cafe


Welcome to the "Disco Cafe"

Feel like dancing? Maybe a bite to eat? Why not do both! Now your minifigures can with my idea for a Disco Cafe. This build includes a colorful, disco style walkway leading up to the front entrance. The colorblock pattern invites fun for builders of any age. When looking inside, the first floor holds the main Cafe. This includes a soda station, an ice cream chest, and seating for guests. The Cafe setup also has cups and plates for your minifigures use.

Next up, the first floor patio. Now your minifigures can relax in the sun and rest their feet. The patio includes fresh flowers as well as outdoor tables and seating. I also included outdoor lighting for patrons who choose to stay once the sun has gone down. There is nothing like a hot chocolate on a cold night! 

Now for the fun part. Lets take a look at the top floor Disco. The disk jockey is playing the latest dance hits. Your minifigures are dancing and enjoying the fun atmosphere. The disco floor was a necessary addition to this build. It was so fun to make. Check out that disco ball! When making this build I believe it would be a great addition if it is full functioning and able to spin. The top floor also includes a wraparound balcony with a street and patio view. Your minifigures can wave to friends down below.

I made this build with two of my greatest pastimes in mind. They are dancing and eating with friends and family. This build lets Lego beginners or enthusiasts enjoy both. I used 768 bricks while building this with Lego Digital Designer. However, i'm sure it can be built with far less depending on the end design. This build would be a great standalone unit for Lego fans of any age.

I am proud of this build and hope other Lego fans will enjoy it and support it further. Thank you so much.




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