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ALF (acronym for Alien Life Form) is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from September 1986 to March 1990; in all, 101 episodes. The ALF sculpture is made with 1,900 bricks but could be reduced to around 1,500 easily. Almost all the bricks are dark orange which is a very good match for ALF’s burnt sienna colored fur on the show! His dimensions are 16 inches tall and 10 by 10 inches wide and deep, and his head rotates on the base.

This is the first sculpture I have built, and it was much more difficult for me than I expected or than it may look. After studying the works of many other builders, I tried to apply the techniques I learned to ALF. I began this a couple of years ago. Several times starting, building or rebuilding and then stopping, as I was not satisfied with its appearance. It finally ended up a fairly accurate model of the TV show character that I am happy with.

The title character from the show is Gordon Shumway, a sarcastic, funny, friendly extraterrestrial nicknamed ALF from the planet Melmac, who crash-lands into the garage of the suburban Tanner family. ALF was performed by puppeteer Paul Fusco, who co-created the show with Tom Patchett. I searched and found no one had created a sculpture for ALF. This was a super funny TV series, and ALF himself was a source of lots of classic and humorous lines, and my family enjoyed watching the series.

People who enjoyed the show may love to build and keep this LEGO ALF sculpture as a reminder of all the great lines from the show, and here are some of ALF’s best quotes to trigger your memory:
   NO PROBLEM! (His most famous line!)
   I kill me!
   Hey Willie, wouldn't a pizza look good on my tongue about now?
   Hey, give me four!
   Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
   A whisker for your thoughts.
   I'm a people alien.
   Cat hair. Persian 78, could be a 79.
   Well, I guess we’ll have to order in.
   Ochmonek, ha! Sounds like a typo!
   Let's go check out the fridge.
   Hey! Just kidding!.
   Fine, I'll make a peanut butter sandwich...where's the blender?
   He's quick, I'll give 'em that!.
   Not now Willie, our pumpkin is on fire.
   Yo, Lucky my man!
   Brilliant! This and the letter 'I' in one day.
   Hey, don't worry about the old ALFer... Channel 9 is running Psycho!
   I learned one thing about eating jigsaw hour later, you're hungry again.

And there are too many more to include here…...

   ALF                 -    Paul Fusco (lead puppeteer, voice)
   Kate Tanner    -    Anne Schedeen
   Willie Tanner   -    Max Wright  
   Brian Tanner   -    Benji Gregory

   Lynn Tanner    -    Andrea Elson



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