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The LEGO Express


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This project was originally submitted here on September 21st of 2017. Unfortunately, things did not go well with its moderation. I knew that i needed to take something out in order for this project to successfully get posted, but I never executed my plan...

That is, until now...

It's 2017, which means the LEGO Company is celebrating 85 years of making toys. Eversince 1932, the LEGO Company has been one of the biggest toy making companies in the world, thanks to Ole Kirk.

To celebrate jubilee for 85 years of LEGO, I built something very special that big LEGO train fans can appreciate. I proudly present to you all, the LEGO Express​.

This train set is 1355 pieces. There are quite a bit of things in this set, let me tell you! Seriously, I will tell you, like, right now.

The steam locomotive itself is 341 pieces. Atop the boiler section are three sand boilers, a smoke stack, and a whistle. Inside the cab is a place for an engineer to sit, with a control panel as well. This little area can be taken out, and swapped with an 8883 LEGO Power Functions M-Motor​. It's obvious now that this train set is compatible with Power Functions.

Before I continue on, NOTE that you should use an ​8885 LEGO Power Functions IR Remote Control.

The next train car to look at is the tender. It is 267 pieces. The tender has some fake coal on top, a ladder in back, with a light next to it. The parts in the tender can be replaced with an ​8884 LEGO Power Functions IR Reciever, and an 88000 LEGO Power Functions AAA Battery Box​.

Our next train car is the LEGO Brick car, which is 265 pieces. The bricks can detach from this 2x8 train car, and even stack on top of each other. Isn't that cool?! There's nothing else to look over for this train car.

The last train car is the the speeder and work caboose train car. The work caboose is 126 pieces, and the speeder is 141 pieces, therefore adding up to 267 pieces. There are not too many features with the work caboose, except for the fact you can fit a minifigure inside the cab-like area, and there's a mug inside as well. The speeder, however, has more details, as there are some tools inside, and a place for a minifigure to sit.

For our final vehicle, we have an old-school LEGO truck, which is 200 pieces. The roof cab be lifted in one piece to reveal the inside of the truck cab, and the inside of the built-in trailer. There is nothing much to see here. Although, the small section that can be replaced by a Power Functions motor inside the cab can be placed in the built-in trailer. How convenient!

There are three minifigures featured in this train set: an engineer, a conductor, and a truck driver. I'll show you all this in an update.

Thank you all for viewing my project! Please give me your opinions on what you think of this project, but don't sound too harsh. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 11/2/2017

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