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Star Wars Star Chess


New Star Wars Chess project


As you may know that, my Star Wars Star Chess has been a failure. I also regret to tell you that I will not re summit it, but there is good news for you. I will create a Clone Wars version of Star Wars star Chess soon.


The Queens

The Queens in my Star Wars Star Chess are the Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, and the Mon Calamari MC80B Cruiser Mon Remonda. The Mon Remonda cruiser was built by the Mon Calamarians to serve the Rebel navy, and the Imperial-Class Star Destroyer  was built by Kuat Ship Yards to serve the Republic navy during the Clone Wars and Later the Imperial Navy after the reorganization of the Republic.







The Kings in my Star Wars Star Chess are the Mon Calamari Winged Type Cruiser and The Imperial Super Star Destroyer. The Winged Type Mon Calamari type Cruiser is the MC80 Liberty Type Cruiser Built by the Mon Calamarians for the Rebel Navy. And the Imperial Super Star Destroyer is one of the largest and most powerful ship built for the imperial Navy


220 supporters

So far as of right know I halved reached 220 supporter, but my project has 150 days. So I haven't have much time. I need all the support I need so my project can be in review. Please support it and spread this to anyone you know, I;m counting on all of you. Thanks





209 supporter

So far I've reached 209 supporters as of today. Keep up the good work and thanks



The Bishops of this Star Wars Starship Chess are the Quasar-fire-class Cruiser Carrier and the Victory II-Class Frigate. The Quasar-Fire Carrier is a Rebellion ship, and the Victory II Frigate is an Imperial ship. Both of those ships are from the Expanded Universe



The Knights of this star wars starship chess are a Rebel Corellian DP20 Frigate (Aka Gunship) and an Imperial Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer from the expanded universe.  The Corellian frigate has a black Shaft 3M 03.2 in 3 black Brick 2X2 W/GROOVE.A.CR.HOLE bricks to support it


170 Supporters

Wow 170 supporters! I guess my Star Wars starship chess might be popular. Thank you for giving me your support for this set, and please share this to everyone so it can reach 10,000



Ok the Pawns in my Star Wars starship Chess are rebel X-Wing starfighters and Imperial Tie Fighter. The X-wings were Manufactured by Incom Corperation, and used by the Rebel Alliance. The X-wings are the successors to the ARC-170 Starfighter from the Clone Wars.  And the Tie Fighters were manufactured by Sienar and used by the Galactic Empire. The Tie Fighter are the successors to the T.I.E. Starfighter and the V-Wing from the Clone Wars.


151 supporters

Looks like I've reach 151 supporters so far. Thanks for your support, keep it up

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