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Star Wars Star Chess


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The Lego Star Wars starship chess set is my new Lego Ideas project. This set is a 2 player Chess game for players of all ages. This set includes 4726 brick pieces, I'm using the mini starfighters and starships sets as Chess pieces, and the other ships were from the expanded universe.  The Chess board Includes:

Pawns-X-wing/ Tie Fighters
Rooks: Corellian Corvettes/ Vindicator Star destroyers
Knights: Corellian Defenders/ Gladiator star destroyers
Bishops:Quasar-fire-class Cruiser Carrier/ Victory II Frigate
Queens: Mon Calamari MC80B Cruiser The Mon Remonda/ Imperial Star Destroyers
King: Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (Winged type Liberty)/ Super Star Destroyer

If this project approves, they will have to figure out how to declare the price for this set due to 4726 brick pieces, and I hope the price would be low on this set.

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