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Simple Brick Kitties


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Introducing Simple Brick Kitties!

These pocket-sized kitties are easy to build and carry with you everywhere you want to go! They are also mostly sturdy with maximum playability (careful with the tail, though). 

From left to right are Classic Kitty, Cute Kitty, Snowy Kitty, Chess Kitty, and Rainbow Kitty. These kitties also include a kitty home and a kitty truck.

The kitty home features a comfy chair, fancy food tray, rug, scratching post, lamp, and upstairs bed. 

The truck features spaces for five kitties: Two in the cab, one on the roof, and two in the back. There are four traffic cones as well as a trailer hinge behind the cab.

Each kitty can be used as decorations to brighten up your day or add color to your fantasy world. They can also be used as small, pleasant gifts. However, this set would probably be a great playset. 

These cats could fit nicely into the Lego Classic or Lego Creator lines to unleash creativity. Builders at home can create accessories and homes for these cats, or even more cats with different themes.

The kitties can be feasible as promotional polybags, creativity prompts, or perhaps even a Lego Classic creativity set. I would provide the bricks for these kitties and their accessories in a box with perhaps some extra bricks so builders can create their own vehicles and homes for these cats.

Thank you for looking at this idea, and I hope you support it. If you don't support it, I wish you will leave inspired.

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