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The Lear Jet

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This model is a model of one of the passenger planes manufactured by the company: Lear Jet. This particular plane is also flown by delta. I viewed pictures of the plane and tried to convert it to bricks as accurately as possible using the Lego Universe section of Lego Digital Designer.The model itself is not a difficult build, so it can be sold to younger builders as well as older ones interested in aviation. I also only used a few pieces to keep the cost down to about $20. Most of the pieces are blue and red with a few black pins and a translucent windscreen. This plane model doesn't have a working door, but can be added if necessary. These are some more pictures of the model from different angles.

This is the top view. Notice that the engines and fuel tanks are only composed of seven pieces each. This is purely because I want the set to stay an easy build for some of the younger builders out there.

This is the bottom view. Now you can see the recently added landing gear.

This is the front-on view. This plane does have a pilot's seat, but no pilot minifigure.

This is a mix of back and side views. This is a major improvement from the plane made only of white bricks that was recently the project on this page.

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