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Odyssey - The Condor

The leader of the Odyssey Core has been summoned to a short notice briefing on the other side of the galaxy! Time to fire up The Condor!

The main purpose of The Condor is to serve as a long distance carrier. It's shape was inspired by long distance gliding birds like albatrosses, hence it's large wingspan and huge thrusters. Though it may not be the fastest ship in the fleet in terms of raw speed, when it come to maintaining high speeds for long periods of time, The Condor is unparalleled. The Odyssey Core also pioneered interstellar travel, and it was in The Condor that they installed the first ever interstellar hyperdrive. In fact, despite having been using the same hyperdrive system for almost a decade now, The Condor still holds the record for the longest stint of interstellar travel without stopping for a break.

The Condor packs tonnes of cool features including:

- detachable escape pod

- foldable landing gear wings

- huge, detailed thrusters

- rotating secondary thrusters for added manoeuvrability

- hidden arrow shooters

The Condor measures over 36cm long and 43cm wingspan. It contains 711 pieces, allowing for a very detailed and intricate design. The Condor will look right at home alongside the models in any LEGO collection, and can also serve as an excellent stand-alone feature.

Hope you like the project, and thanks in advance for any feedback and support.



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