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House on a Cliff by the Ocean


This Lego set is in 3 parts.

One part is the ocean

Another part is the beach and cliff side

and last but not least the house on the cliff.


Some of my favourite details I'd like to draw your attention to:

The fire and the chopped logs and axe on the beach.

There is a bat hanging upside down on the tree by the top steps.

There is a spider on the right of the second set of stairs.

The waterfall along cliff which leads to the ocean.

On top of the cliff near the house there is a little pond where the waterfall starts with a fish in it.

I like the vine under the cliff

In the house beside the bedroom there is also a little bunkie.
The kitchen table has a card game on it, so cute Lego!!

There is a bathroom you just can’t see if very well.

Easy to take parts apart if you want to play or look around. 

Unfortunately, I am unsure of how many pieces were used in the build. I estimate around 1000 but cannot be certain.

I hope you all like my design :D

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