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The Old Boatshed

"It is a beautiful early morning by the sea, and the old fisherman has just returned from todays fishing trip."

You may find this scenery in many places around the world. The architecture may differ and types of boats may vary. But they have been there for generations! In some places this is still a hard work for survival, but in others these old boatsheds are nowadays used for recreation and pleasure.

Don't we all long for a few days by the sea? And isn't that your grandfather on the bridge?

My model
I have kept my building techniques fairly simple. The aim is to combine the charming scenario with the charm of studs - you can actually see that this is built out of Lego!

The model is inspired by my own vacation in the archipelago of western Sweden. It is a traditional Scandinavian architecture, built on top of one of those small islets smoothly shaped by the inland ices of the last Ice Age.