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Portal Test Chamber


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The one and only original LEGO Portal Project; now with 100% more Wheatley ("Oh! That's ME they're talking about!")!

Chell is determined to let neither GLaDOS nor Wheatley keep her from regaining her freedom. But first she has to master the next test chamber...

The set features Chell with portal gun and long fall boots, two turrets, test cube, cube button, test button, exit door with signs, surveillance camera, thermal discouragement beam emitter, and of course blue and orange portals!

Portal (2) is one of the most stunning and innovative computer games of the last few years. Its (very reticent and mysterious) hero Chell finds herself in the role of a guinea pig, tested by artificial intelligences veering off the path of sanity.

Central part of the tests is the portal gun which is used to shoot the trademark blue and orange portals on any suitable surface. From one portal to the other it's just a tiny step, no matter how far away the portals are!

Chell has to use the portal gun and other test equipment (like the test cubes that are to be placed on the big red cube buttons) to reach and open the exit of every test chamber – only to be guided to the next chamber until she manages to break the vicious cycle and escape to the back rooms of the test site...

This is a bonus picture; a small thank you for all your votes! 1000 now and counting! Maybe the cake isn't a lie at last? Maybe it's hidden just behind the door?

Of course I hope that LEGO would provide a few printed parts for this set. The next picture shows how a printed Chell minifig could look like. Wouldn't we all want to own one of these?

Thank you all for your support since January 2012!

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