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Phone Stand


Now more traveler friendly; smoother arms for your phone's protection; plus more photos!

I have made a few small, but useful modifications to the phone stand:

  1. Improved Portability!  If you are traveling and need a phone stand to take away with you, this phone stand is for you!  I have redesigned the legs of the stand so they are easily detachable and can be locked into the main stand, making this phone stand much more travel-friendly!  In the photos, you'll see the important new parts for this new feature are in yellow and black.  In the final model, they too would be white, but I decided to use these colours to make them more obvious to see!
    The yellow and black parts you see here are the new parts.  In the final model, they will be the same colour as the model.

    The legs now detach easily for added portability
    The legs can now be clicked into place for convenience, making it easy for traveling!
  2. Smooth arms  I have added smooth tiles to the ends of the arms so that your phone is not damaged by the Lego Bricks.
  3. New Photos!  I've added a few more photos of the phone stand holding a white iPhone 6 so those of you without a flip-cover case on your phone can get an idea of what it looks like!A phone being supported horizontally

And finally, here is an image of what the phone stand now looks like following the update:

Thanks so far for everyone who has supported this project and please remember to tell your friends!

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