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Phone Stand


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This is a phone stand, made completely out of Lego!  I have designed it with the iPhone 6 in mind, but because of its features, it is able to serve other phones also.  The arms on the side are adjustable to cater for differing phone sizes, providing a level of protection against the phone from falling out from the stand.  The arms can also be adjusted so the phone can be rested horizontally as well.  On one arm you will note Lego claws; these are designed to hold the phone's power cable.  The stand has been designed such that much of the base of the phone is accessible, meaning it is possible to charge your phone at the same time as leaving it in the stand!

The bricks at the base holding the phone are designed so that even phones with a flip-down cover (like the one shown) can have their cover down, but the phone is still secure.

I have used this stand for a week now for my own phone and am pleased to report that it does work as a very effective stand!

You will note the predominately white design of the stand; I envisage that should this product be put into production that multiple colour designs will be chosen so that people can choose the best colour stand to match their phone!

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