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Jack Skellington's Halloween and Christmas

The Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite movies!
The movie combines themes of Halloween and Christmas in its own unique style.
It only makes sense a LEGO set based on the movie should do the same~

This project offers both sides of Jack Skellington's journey:
As the Pumpkin King in Halloween town, and as Santa Claus in Christmas town!

The Christmas side features:
  • Jack's "coffin sleigh" pulled by the skeletal reindeers
  • Zero guiding the way with its brilliant nose!
  • Jack Skellington's Santa costume minifigure
  • A Christmas town diorama with the coziest atmosphere~
Fly through the night sky with Jack Skellington above the beautiful Christmas town!

The Halloween side features:
  • Jack and Sally minifigures
  • The Spiral hill, one of the most iconic imagery from the movie
  • Jack-o'-lantern decorating the field
  • Secret feature: Zero's gravestone hidden behind the spiral hill!
Unite Jack and Sally atop the spiral hill, for they're simply meant to be~

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