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My LEGO Totoro ( feat. Cat Bus )


This is my dream Lego set!

Ever since I was a kid and watched "My Neighbor Totoro"  for the first time, I wanted Lego to make a set with Totoro and Cat Bus.
I believe a lot of Lego fans share the same dream :)

With this project, I want to make our dream come true!

If you like my design and want to make LEGO Totoro real,
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Features :

LEGO Totoro
  • To match the original animation, Lego Totoro is scaled to about twice the height of the Satsuki minifigure.
  • The whiskers are made of lego wolverine’s claws :)
  • The chest pattern is formed with lego parts instead of printed pieces.
  • I also used smooth finishing surface to make it look cuter and more like the animation.

- Part count: 116

Cat Bus
  • Each leg is posable, so your Lego Cat Bus can run and jump as you like!
  • The left side of the main body has a loose part. You can easily switch the parts to give Cat Bus an open ‘door’, just like in the anime.
  • The roof is removable so you can easily access the interior, and put minifigures inside for a ride!
  • The top red panel displaying the destination is a 1x4 brick, multiple Kanji options can be included for changing the target station.

- Part Count: 718

The set also includes
  • Satsuki and Mei Lego minifigures, with an umbrella to recreate the iconic “raining bus station” scene (See the image above XD)
  • Blue Totoro
  • The Bus station, with accurate Kanji print to match the original animation. (七国山行 - 稻荷前)

- Total parts: 869

Lego Totoro is a dream,
If you also want to see Lego Totoro become a real set,

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Let’s make Lego Totoro Official together!
Thank you
Cheers from a fellow Lego fan!

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