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Starfield: Vasco

"A utilitarian, heavy industrial machine designed by Lunar Robotics, Vasco is well suited for the rigors of space travel. Constellation took the early model and refurbished it to meet the requirements of their mission. Vasco wears the white and red livery of Constellation and has many years in the field, which has worn down his paint and dented a few panels."

VASCO is one of the many companions that can accompany you as you explore the universe in the video game Starfield. Although a robot VASCO does his best to fit in with the human members of constellation and becomes part of the family. I believe that VASCO fits really well into the LEGO system with a mechanical an rough design. Many techniques and building styles were used to achieve this design, from SNOT (Studs Not On Top) to use of LEGO technic elements.

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