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Miniature Winter and Christmas scenes

This theme is a miniature-scale, cheaper version-thingy of the Winter Village sets. There are, so far, four sets in the series and 12 Micro Brickens to collect. The theme follows the adventures of Charles Brickens in various Wintery places.


10 supporters: Charles Brickens series 2
20 supporters: Micro Brickens polybag
50 supporters: Another 12 Micro Brickens figures
100 supporters: Snowglobe (below) with actual roof
500 supporters: I'll decide when I get there
1000 supporters: Yeah, like that's gonna happen
10,000 supporters: See you in the shops!

The Mini Brickens. The adults stand 1 2/3 blocks high without hats on, the kids stand 1 block high without hats or hair on and the Kid with Carrot (because he can't reach) stands 1 1/3 blocks high without his hat on.

My first reward to you- bonus figures! Included free with this upload.
You're welcome.

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