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Living Room - 80s Style

I know what your thinking. "Didn't you do something similar with your Calvin and Hobbes project?". Well, yes... and no. 

As you can see, this 80s bedroom has a unique wallpaper, unlike my very first project. Also, Note the bookshelf underneath the TV (very clever, right?)! Something else I did different was the side table with the disgusting, horrible looking pink top that totally does not match with the hideous, bright yellow wallpaper.

Well, let's get into it's contents:

- A yellow barfy wallpaper, which uses SNOT (Studs Not On Top)
- A 80s TV which has "Bunny Ears" on top, with a bookshelf underneath it
-  A dresser with a plant on top
- A Clock
- A Chair. A single, lonely chair.
- A purple rug, if you guys were wondering what that purple thing is...
- And, let's not forget little Timmy with the bad hair-dew...

Even though the wallpaper is REALLY ugly, the clothes are out of style, the tv doesn't have Netflix... It looks pretty good, don't you agree?

Well, I hope you guys really like it, and PLEASE support (But no pressure)!

Stay healthy!

TrappistBrick    🛰

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