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Galaxy Explorer 2015


300 Supports in 2 weeks

Cheers all - keep spreading the word and get this project some more views


Dark Blue render

Here is a render with the newer dark blue/earth blue colour and trans brown windows. I'm not that happy with it and prefer the bright blue (also, not all parts are available in dark blue), though I thought I'd put it up for people to have a look at what it might be like if the Agents had a Galaxy Explorer :D


250 Support - thankyou!

Spread the word, let's get this project to 1000 support and beyond - give this classic design a chance at taking off again next year!


Tacking station/base updated

I have taken the suggestions of AndrewClark2 and Lind Whisperer from Eurobricks into account with the tracking station. It has lowered the piece count for the build and, I think, is visual improvement.

These are the kind of modifications I wish to apply in an effort to make this the most visually engaging and economic rebuild of a classic set possible. Please comment on updates like this.


Suggestions and hold

If anyone has any suggestions re this build, to try and make the best reboot of the Galaxy Explorer possible with modern parts, I will try and take them into account for updates. I don't want the part count to get too large or the build to get too complicated, so any suggestions that simplify the build whilst keeping the basic aesthetic of the original in tact will be greatly appreciated.

I have added an image showing the rover in and out of the hold. Note the rover fits exactly into the hold and that the hold has some interior detail.

Here is the flickr album for this build