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Galaxy Explorer 2015


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Reboot, reboot, reboot!

This is a redesign of my favourite childhood toy, with entirely modern parts. Other than 4 classic space minifigs, every piece is available in current sets.


Integral to the design are 2 main factors.

1) ease of building - I tried to keep the structure and build as straightforward as possible, so that builders of all ages can make their own Galaxy Explorer.

2) a large number of wedges, curved slopes and transparent yellow parts - a whole new generation of builders should be able to experiment with the joys of blue, grey and trans-yellow spaceship creation, as I spent so much time doing.


Some deliberate changes to the original are:

The cockpit of the cruiser has detailed seating for the 2 astronauts.

The cruiser rocket boosters have some more shape and detail.

The rover now fits exactly into the cruiser's transport hold, is larger, with more detail and functional elements.

I have added a robot, as a companion for the lone astronaut in the tracking station when the cruiser is away on mission. If the robotic companion malfunctions, deactivation is required, as shown in an image.

Hopefully this project will inspire many to relive the joy that the original set brought me and many others.


The set consist of 786 parts and 4 minifigs.


This is 1 of 3 LDD designs I plan to post in the next month. Whichever of these ideas has the most support in 3 months, I will replicate in real bricks. If any idea I post gathers 1000 support, I will generate part lists and instructions for them.

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