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Hall of Fame | Lionel Messi


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The world of football knows many great names across many different years, but in the modern day few can match the legendary status of "the Flea" from Argentina, Leo Messi. A man larger than life despite his physical stature. This set is meant to comemorate his acomplishments and serve as a tribute to the great striker who has for so long graced the many pitches of the world, inspiring his teammates, rivals and many aspiring to followin his footsteps. As such we have gathered all his acomplishments from the major leagues, as well as reconstructed the kits he wore in the matches. What's more there's also the penality kick from the 2022 FIFA World Cup final which is reenacted in this set. It is our hope as the constructors of this set that it resonates with the hearts of football fans around the world and that it ends up made into reality.

Update 11/08/23

To commemorate the transfer to Inter Miami the set has been updated to include the kit, colors and emblem of the team.

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