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French Building


French Building

Dear readers,

Hello, my name is Takaiwai and this is my first project for the Lego IDEAS.

This modular building was inspired by a real building in Saint-Louis. I visited there in May of 2018 and since then, I started to work on this model.

The set consists about 2000 bricks in total, including the building that can be separated into 4 floors, 11 mini figures (3 bakery employees, 2 customers, 4 business people, a hotel receptionist and a housekeeper), as well as a black vintage Mercedes-Benz sedan. Now, I am going to explain what each floor has (interior of the floors is all my imagination idea).


Ground Floor- Bakery with cafe

When it comes to French shops, something that came up in my mind was a bakery and a cafe. This shop sells wide range of bread, such as baguette, pain au chocolat, croissant, sandwich, cake and other pastries. Behind a counter, there are a kitchen for coffee and a workshop of bakers. The workshop includes a huge oven, a table and a shelf with dough. Because this bakery is also a cafe, there is an eating space that is divided by stairs to other floors. Under the stairs, a toilet for guests' and employees' use is located.


1st Floor- Small Flat & Office

On this floor, a flat and an office (both are tiny) are located. The flat provides minimum furniture that are needed. There are a kitchen with dining area, next to that a relaxing area with study table, a bathroom and a bed that is separated by a wall.

On the other hand, a simple office has a large table for 5 workers. On the table there are documents, pen stands and computers. Next to the table is 2 small shelves, one is for a coffee machine and water jar and one is for a printer. The office is precisely made that it even has the tiniest bathroom I have ever built in Lego!


2nd Floor- Large Flat

This flat has more gorgeous interior than the one on 1st floor. The flat consists 2 bathrooms, a bedroom, a counter style kitchen and a living area with a dining table. A larger bathroom has a nice design of tub. A bed room allows 2 people to sleep in, a couple, who lives in the flat.


3rd Floor- Hotel

This hotel is located at a very quiet top of the building. A reception desk, a cloak room and a bathroom are in a public space. Each of 3 rooms are provided with beds (single or double), TVs, wooden shelves and bathrooms with sinks, toilets, showers and soap dispensers. One problem is that there is a room that has no window and I am thinking about rearrange the room configuration of the floor.


Thank you for reading until the last sentence and I am looking forward to having your supports!

Yours faithfully,


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