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The Ninjago City Connector

I love the 3 modular Ninjago City design and I thought I want to add some new modular to make the Ninjago City bigger.

The first plan was to build only one connector, the design use 16x32 bp, it features Coffee Shop on the ground floor, next level is Ramen Stall, then Flower Shop and Green House on the top, also I put the stair to connect the ground floor to the walkways.

After it's done, another idea came up, so I started for the second design, I also designed using 16x32 bp, the features are The Big Lantern Temple (inspired from Asakusa Temple) and Sakura Garden on the ground floor, on the walkways area there is Samurai Store, next level is Sake Shop and on top we have Jay's Apartment. I put another stair to connect the walkways to the next level.

This is my design for ninjago city, I hope you all like this build! Don’t forget to support it if you like it!

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