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The Little Prince


El Principito ... hecha de LEGO!

Necesitamos que ayudan a hacer el LEGO "El Principito" proyecto sea un éxito! Se tarda sólo dos minutos para registrarse y votar:
A) Haga clic en el botón azul Support.
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D) Responde a estas cuatro preguntas: 
1. ¿Cuánto piensas que debería ser el precio de este producto? 
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4. ¿Qué dificultad crees que entraña la construcción de este proyecto? 

¡Gracias a todos los que han votado! 


Chaska Herald newspaper story about "The Little Prince" LEGO Ideas project

The Chaska Herald published a story about the project today!  You can check it out here:  

Thank you for publishing the story!  

Everyone who has supported this project: please consider sharing this article, and also the link to vote for the project, with your friends.  

We appreciate your support! 


5000 VOTES!!!

We just reached 5,000 votes today!  THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the project! Please keep sharing with your friends/family and anywhere you can think of on social media.  

Please also check out our: 

1) Facebook campaign page - titled "The Little Prince LEGO Ideas Campaign on FB at this URL:
2) YouTube video 

about the project
3) a blog page where you can help select the type of figure used for The Little Prince himself, as well as the style of his clothing:  



Survey for The Little Prince Minifigure Type & Style

You can help decide what the minifigure for "The Little Prince" will look like:  This page was designed by glenbricker, who is a partner with Colin23 on the LEGO little prince project.  

You can help choose:

The TYPE: 

  • Minidoll (in the "Friends" mode) 
  • Classic Minifigure 
  • Short Legs Minifigure 


  • Cape & Sword
  • Bow Tie
  • Scarf 

The images (colors, expression, etc.) are intended to give you an idea of the options.  If we get to 10,000 and pass the review, then LEGO will make the ultimate decision.  

Please go to the blog page and vote!  Share with your friends!

And don't forget, if you haven't voted already, please support the project itself.  :-)  

Thank you!  


Facebook Campaign Page for The Little Prince!

We have a Facebook campaign page for the project!  If you are on Facebook, please "like" The Little Prince LEGO Ideas Campaign.  Here is the link:  

If the link doesn't work, just go on Facebook and search for "The Little Prince LEGO Ideas Campaign".  

You will get updates on the project and other things related to The Little Prince and LEGO projects.  

Thank you for your support!   


One year anniversary - now only 5,875 votes to go!

Today is the one year anniversary since the project was posted!  Please consider sharing the project today (and other days in the future too!) with your friends in person, by email, on social media, etc.  We have already gotten up to 4,125 votes - can we get to 5,000 soon?  THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the project and shared it with friends.  

A special thanks to and the Saint-Exupery estate for their fantastic help with promoting the project, including these articles: 

Thanks also to for this great article:

Obrigado to my friend Rayane at O Setimo Planeta for this helpful post in Portuguese:

Merci to for this article:

Please check out The Little Prince LEGO Ideas Campaign page:  THANK YOU!  


Please help spread the word! Only 6,908 votes to go!

We are making great progress, with 3,092 votes at the time of this update.  :-)  There have been well over 50,000 "Likes" when the project was shared on The Little Prince Official Facebook page and elsewhere, and many thousands of "Shares", but we need to turn those positive online reactions into votes.  At the current rate this project needs to get at least 20 votes a day for the next 335 days to reach 10,000 in time.  Please help spread the word.  

Share with other fans of The Little Prince and LEGOs on Social Media like: 

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Share it AGAIN a week or a month or so later.  New people will notice the project the second time you post it.  This is especially true of tweets.  If you can post about it once a week that would be extremely helpful.  

Click on Follow for this project and Follow the Colin23 profile to raise the project's community rating.  Make a comment on the project page and click "Like" on comments and replies you agree with (this also potentially boosts the rating).  

Like The Little Prince LEGO Ideas Campaign page:  Share it with friends.  

Tip IT, Tell online magazines (and also college and high school newspapers/online blogs) about the project so they can post articles about it, especially sites associated with The Little Prince, children's literature, aviation, French literature, LEGOs, etc.

Comment on Official Facebook page when they share the project, to encourage others to vote and let them know how easy and safe it was to register and vote.  

Tell LEGO User Groups about it and fellow AFOLs.  Share it with French teachers and professors and ask them to share with their classes.  Post the QR code (you can obtain it from the FB Campaign Page) in coffee shops, libraries, and more (of course, in compliance with their posting policies).  

THANK YOU for your support!  ;-)