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LL 910 Spaceship


Thank you Lego!

Thanks Lego for making this small project of mine staff pick on my birthday! That was a very nice surprise!

And for those that asked a Space Police version, well, here it is! And a Blacktron version aswell! You just can't have a good guy without a bad guy, right? ;)


New color variation and a new pilot!

This one was on my to-do list for some time and here it is at last.

The new color scheme is inspired by the colors used in the Exo Suit. This means a green suit and green accents instead of the traditional blue with trans yellow. The helmet is now the new type with visor and the pilot is a woman. Yes, Classic Space is finally moving into the 21st century.

Apparently she can fly trough an asteroid field faster than Benny and that a mysterious Blacktron guy brings her coffee every morning.

All we know is she's called Elly!


Tell me what you think in the comments!


A style variation.

I created a variation with a different style of cockpit. The window piece is now a more traditional one compared to the bubble in the original.

It only adds about 3 bricks for a total of 89 bricks. There's still a small gap between the window piece and the base but it's impossible to get it completely "airtight", there's simply isn't any room to do it and the minifig would be almost impossible to fit inside.

Well, tell me what you think in the comments!

I'm open to any suggestions, even an idea for a brand new type of ship ;-).


A few more pictures..

Here are a few more renders of the back and the side. Highly overestimated the render time! Only took about 20 minutes each!

If someone would like to see another angle or detail let me know in the comments and I'll post it here.

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