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LL 910 Spaceship


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LL 910 Spaceship:

As my previous spaceships (LL 920, LL 925 and LL 930) grew considerably compared to their original counterparts a space opened up at the bottom for something smaller. At only 87 bricks the part count is just below that of the old LL 918 which had 88 bricks in total. Setting the price range between €10 and € 15 it's something everyone could buy without having to break the bank.

The ship itself features the original classic space colors and some key parts to make it instantly recognizable. Having an almost 360° visibility thanks to the bubble canopy the pilot can pretty much see anything coming and the steering thrusters help it maneuver with ease through those pesky asteroid fields! The engine is exposed for easy access when repairs are needed but packs a surprisingly big punch for its size. Pilots have been known to race these pocket rockets around the galaxy (read living rooms, dining tables and many, many bedrooms ;-) )!

It can be upgraded with ease and could be used as a short range dog fighter if so needed.

That's the whole (small) story behind this little but capable spaceship!

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Thank you in advance for all your support!


Olivier V.


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