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Lighthouse of Alexandria


New Lighthouse Project!

This project was abandoned for something a bit more detailed and ambitious, check it out here!


New Project!

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone that's supported over the past week or so. I feel like a Lighthouse of Alexandria model has more potential than I managed to tap into for this project. I've been doing some reworking and I now have a model of the Great Lighthouse that would do justice to the Creator Expert line. 

It uses about 900 bricks, so the cost would likely be closer to $80 (many of the bricks are small and repetitive), but the model is now over 12" tall and sits on a base that's about 9 x 9" . . . That's a 30% increase in size! 

Because it's such a substantial redesign I am going to post it as a new project. I am currently working on the presentation and I hope to have it up this week. I'll post another update here then. Thanks to everyone who's supported this project and I hope you're impressed by what I have coming up! Here's a sneak peek!