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The architectural firm - mini modular building


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The architectural firm - mini modular building

I've never seen a design of modular building with contemporary character that would integrate well with other modular buildings, a bit 'as it happens in our real cities, and being an architect I tried to build my small modular building for my studio all 'inner city. I based my design on a contemporary style, very clean lines and few decorations, lots of glass and lots of light to 'internal to plan and design new projects in the best possible way.

The Story

The architect and his staff were in need of a small building where you can work at their best, they renovated and used the most of this small building on a modular basis 16x32 to fit into the city without bothering to large modular buildings 32x32. L 'architect with the' help of his collaborators, the 'engineer, designer and secretary, finally has a nice place where to draw, greet customers, and come together to work best.

The Building

On the ground floor there is a large showcase where are exhibited the best projects of the study, a large model of programming of the city is on display at the time; Then there is the 's waiting room, the reception desk with the secretary, with library inserted under the stairwell, several paintings with the projects on display, and the stairway to the first floor. The first floor meeting room, with a large glass table, projector ceiling, comfortable chairs and a large library. On the second floor there is space for drawing, with a drawing table, a stool, and a 'small other library, space for books is never enough. On the third floor there is "the study of the boss 'desk and chair to greet customers, and the large library with all the books and personal designs of' architect. On the top floor there is a nice veranda to admire the city and take a break from work.


The building consists of 1400 pieces and 4 floors, large scale glazing joins the ground floor and all floors are open. There are 4 minifigure, the 'architect' s engineer, designer and secretary and many furnishings tailored to this new building as the drafting table, the chairs with wheels, libraries built into the walls to save space.


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