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Batmobile 2020

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I mixed a few Batmobile-Styles. Some from 1935, 1989 and my own interpretations. I like the old ones, my Favorite is the Batmobile from the Burton-Movies. Combined here and there a few things like the hooded back wheels and the great rear wings. In the mid of the Car is a flap, under it, you can find enough room to but a figure in it and where you can launch the Side-Rockets.

On the Flap itself is a Batarang. Even when a figure is on board, you can launch the Rockets or store that Batarang. When you press the Rockets aside, the Flaps on the left/right will open and you can pull out the missiles to launch them with a finger-snip. You can see all of it in the following Pictures.

The complete Car has 337 Bricks (without the Mini-Figures).

Front, back, up and down views. In the left upper corner you can see the Turbine. The parts in there are moveable. In the right upper corner ist the back, the exhaust of the Engine. The small flame can be changed with a big flame.

Within the left down corner is a bird-view. Here we can see the sleek Form of the Car. Right aside a Picture of the Bottom. Back wheels are dual for better grip.

The middle flap is open and as written, there are the Rockets. You can easily press it out to open the Side flaps and get it to launch position. I get a few Bricks away to have a better shot for the cockpit. On the last Picture we see the Joker. He can sit in the chaimber and the Rockets can launched excat the same way without a figure.

You can find a few more Pictures on the Lego Create and Share section or on the Moc Pages. I've uploaded there a few weeks ago (the Car there is an early Build, here on cuusoo is the Final Version). Simply serach for Batmobile 2020

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