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Spooky Haunted Steam Engine and Tender


New Face for 2020

I updated the face to a brick built one from the glow in the dark element fron the monster fighter train that people kept calling out in comments.  I hope you like it. It seems for angry than scary and the glow in the dark was kind of fun at night.  Stay warm and stay healthy everyone. Happy Halloween.  Don't forget your mask in one form or another.


All Hallows Eve passes and the train grows some

Not submitting to Ideas, but i just wanted to show a new car I added.  After all, an Engine needs something to pull to fulfill its purpose.  It needs "something" like maybe fewer horses and a play feature.  Anyway, after the holidays, I think my next train car will feature swirling ghosts.  Thank you to all those that found my Haunted Engine to their liking.  Be well.

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