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Spooky Haunted Steam Engine and Tender


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I wanted a working Halloween train via power functions.  I saw the face element from the monster fighter train and with Halloween coming up and having a few days off, I decided to build an Engine and a tender. The light effects are intended for more advanced builders and probably would not be part of nor intended to be part of the final design.  It does look more eerie and it was easier to incorporate the LED's and wires while designing. I am excited to add a Halloween train to my existing Lego-built holiday setups and I hope you all will think so also.  Lets face it, Halloween is more fun anyway.  8) 

Its a working PF ghost train, how can it not be a cool set?  It was fun to design and does not seem it would be too hard to build without the lights.  10+ maybe.  If you add lights, 14+ maybe.

Thank you for looking.

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