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Galactic Star Crusier

I grew up with space lego as a kid and it transformed me to another world it took me to other galaxies. The fact that you could play with these lego models in your room but in your imagination you could be anywhere in far off galaxies , exploring new planets or moons. I wanted to build a model not just replicating the vintage space ship but by bringing my build  into the future for kids of today. I wanted to update the colour scheme  by replacing royal blue to the new corperate  blue . Adding yellow and keeping the traditional grey. I wanted to build this spaceship with playability in mind , i wanted this spaceship to not only look great but be robust and fit comfortable in your hand so you can fly the ship from planet to planet across the galaxy. 
This build has 2 mini figures that fit in the cockpit of the ship then can get out and explore when they arrive on a new planet. The space suits are a bit more corporate looking to give the space men a futuristic apeal. I still kept the triangular shape,  but added a rounded back section and semi circular wings . The two large lazer Canon's with twin barrels located on these wing  make for awesome playability.  The inclusion of two large rockets to the underside of the wings details the wings under side. The massive over size engine fitted to the back makes inter planetary travel seem effortless.  I hope you enjoy my homage to the future of space lego  for 2020 and beyond 

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