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Crash Test


Lego Crash Test Total~1005 pieces

  1. Lab and Garage ~413 pieces
  2. Test Track ~309
  3. Car ~177 pieces
  4. Forklift ~52 pieces
  5. Characters and Accessories ~54

Crash Test is inspired by the Crash Test Analysis Profession and contains many iconic elements from the actual program such as a Crash Analysis Laboratory, A Dummy Maintenance Garage, an orange crash-able Test Car, and a spring-loaded Test Track. The test track is built to reenact "Frontal-impact testing" of vehicles and even has a built in retracting line. Included in the set are several Minifigures consisting of a Crash Analyst, two Crash Test Engineers, and three Crash Test Dummies. This set balances play-ability, sturdiness, and visual accuracy and uses a wide variety of pieces and colors. It would be a great set to play with or display. 

During the creating of this set, I was consciously involved in utilizing space and experimenting with unique building techniques. I built several different car variations before settling on this car design. The car is the center of this set and had to be able to crash effectively but still retain the look of a real car and be built to Minifigure scale. The Laboratory and the Dummy Garage both include special print computer monitors and effectively capture the essence of the crash test profession. The inspiration for this set came from the official Lego Crash Test Dummy Minifigure and borrowed from my own personal experience with cars and mechanical engineering. I want to see the Lego Crash Test Dummy receive his very own set but I need your support. 



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