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Base on Mars


Extended Main Room

extention is detachable to main room. Also working great as separate set. Its robot fixing room. We have robot, torch, instuments. Computer and a cup you see also pizza. Now all spacemans have food. When the spaceman is ready he can go and collect some gemstones. This two boxes are full with stones.

You see he can fix other things too.

Combinated is better and great set!


drone update

I changed structure of the drone now looks more like real. Have more colours and table as the other in right.



Watch video to see all new things. First floor attach for the car make her stable not going everywhere in the base when you move something. Little dron join the team and the plate will be soon white and orange like the other. Mini light on computer to the inside door. And computer to the stone we need to write what we see.


The Final Update

I am not sure but I suppose to be the last. So now the inside door is moovable with black gear wheel. Change on cups table, extended walls. In the video you can see the final update.


Robot table & Inside door

Hello! Today update is new table for robot and door inside. Just watch the video!


Robot & Vehicle fix

Hello! So in this update I added mini robot for helping in research.

Also some changes on vehicle grey color is back, black remove now the equipment is orange, gray, white like the astronaults,


Helmets fix and vehicle inside

Now the building is larger for adding the vehicle inside. On the wall we have wrench and hammer. Only one binoculars on the wall. The vehicle have new colors orange, black, white, On video you will see how helmets don't fall.

Here some playing moments:


door fix and stone research

door closing is fixed. Now is closing to the end. Changes on mini satelite. Added vehicle for research. Removed hidden weapon but now we have stone research spinning table and mini second computer.

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