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Base on Mars


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Hello! Welcome to my project! Let's begin!

A lot of details inside:
  • A room with equipment (two helmets (they don't fall already), two oxygen bottles, one binoculars, robot for help in reseach.) Right side is stone research table with spinning function. On the table is stone and reading glass. On wall hammer and wrench. Between them little vehicle for research stones. (Have walkie-talkie and metal detector.)
  • Second room two computers, screen on wall, two chairs, table with two cups, mini scoreboard, Between two rooms we have movable door with black gear wheel.

The two astronauts included are a woman and a man.

In front the base we have big and small satellite and a camera. A movable door with the black gear wheel.
How the mechanism works? You can see on this picture. You see a long stick that pushes the door.

Watch the video to see how all works and any detail.

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