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IKEA Store Modular

I loved the cooperation between LEGO and IKEA because they both have the same values, both ethically and in the way they design things. They want designs that are simple yet are way more efficient than you think. But they also both want their designs to be safe and create a happy life.

So why can't your LEGO minifiguers in their LEGO Modular city shop at IKEA? This had to change. So here is the first LEGO IKEA Modular. It features:
  • 3 stories of all your favorite IKEA furniture built out of LEGO,
  • an area where all the flat packs can be picked up,
  • a cash register with IKEA employee,
  • a restaurant with seats and tables in a different variety,
  • a beautiful IKEA storefront, simple yet elegant.

Have fun!

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