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Thomas the Tank Engine


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Today, I decided to bring this LEGO project back. This project was originally posted four months back, in August. Unfortunately, this project didn't do too well, as it only received 36 supporters. If you want to see the original project, please click right here.

This LEGO version of the iconic Thomas the Tank Engine is 570 pieces. Other features include:

  • one engineer minifigure
  • rotating coupling rods on Thomas
  • decorative boxcar
  • Power Functions compatiblity; 8883, LEGO® Power Functions M-Motor; 8884, LEGO® Power Functions IR Receiver; 88000, LEGO® Power Functions AAA Battery Box; 8885, LEGO® Power Functions IR Remote Control
  • sixteen pieces of curve track pieces and two pieces of straight track (not shown)

Thank you all for supporting this project, and all of my other LEGO Ideas projects overtime! Please tell me what you think in the comments. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 12/2/2017

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