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Thomas the Tank Engine


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​Thomas the Tank Engine: A famous children's icon in books and on telivisions everywhere across the world.

A couple days ago, on Wednesday, my young-big sister was in my elder-big sister's room. She turned on her television in her room, and the newer version of Thomas and Friends ​came on. At that moment, a spark of inspiration ignited in my mind.

"That's it!" I thought, "Thomas the Tank Engine ​is going to be my next project!" That Wednesday night, I started working on the famous steam locomotive. Unfortunately, I could only build the chasis, as it was bedtime. Why do my ideas always come in the night?!

The next day, on Thursday, I really got to work on this project. When Thomas was complete, I thought to myself, "Good! Now to decided if I should build ​Annie and Clarabelle ​or just a boxcar-wagon." I chose the boxcar-wagon, as it was simpler to do that instead.

The boxcar-wagon idea was inspired by a ​Tomy Thomas and Friends ​train set with a waterfall included in set.

Finally, the set was complete. I posted it on the Ldd Gallery​ as soon as I was finished. Now, you all can see Thomas the Tank Engine​ here on the Lego Ideas Gallery.

This Thomas the Tank Engine ​set is 570 pieces. This set includes an engineer minifigure, a 0-6-0 tank engine, and a red boxcar-wagon. Power Functions is an optional item that can be combined with this set. In order to make this set run, you will need sets 8883 (M motor), 8884 (receiver), and 88000/8878 (triple A battery box). If needed, get set 8885 (remote control).

I hope you liked my project! Please tell me what you think of this project, and what should come next. Have a good night, everyone! By cheesy. 8/11/2017

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