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Vulture Dropship

In the main picture you can see the Black OPS version of my Vulture gunship and a sentry gun that's easily attached to the back of the ship for transporting

Vulture Dropship
Part count - a bit more than 900
One of the challenging builds that I have ever built. I took me almost 2 months to complete and make it the way I wanted it to look like. (there is a lot of different angles and making them strong was pretty hard)
The idea is inspired a bit from the Warhammer Imperial Navy vessels

8 Hellstrike seeker missiles
2 Punisher autocannons
There is a place for a Drop pod or even a small buggy

Drop pod
There is enough space to fit 4 armed Minifigures

Rear view
Drop pod is fitted between the engines and can be easily detached (it is held in place by two Technic pins)

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