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The LEGO Brick Patent


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“Only the best is good enough” - Ole Kirk Christiansen

It was this motto, still used by the LEGO Group and the Christiansen family today, that helped inspire the amazing design of the LEGO Brick. A design that has allowed us to let our imaginations run wild and bring about creativity beyond any kid's, or kid's-at-heart, wildest dreams. All thanks to an ingenious little tube that revolutionized how toy building bricks worked. I truly enjoyed bringing this build to life and found myself really appreciative of just how much LEGO bricks have done for me. Together, we can help LEGO fans around the world do the same!

About the build...
This model, showcasing five of the original six “Figures” of the original patent, uses a wide variety of building techniques to showcase the various elements of an individual 2x4 LEGO brick. I used some of the classic LEGO colours for each brick, to add some visual pop.

The written text of the patent was completed with a mix of brick built writing and stickered tiles, which could hopefully be printed for a final model. Something that could add to the fun of bringing this build to life would be to bag all of the printed tiles together, and leave builders the choice of figuring out where all of the printed tiles go, like a puzzle, or provide them the instructions of where each one is placed.

My favourite element of this creation is that it is 2-in-1. You can choose to either build a frame for the patent, so it can be hung on the wall, or you can build an easel, so that it can be displayed on any surface you like! Both the frame and the easel use the exact same pieces as well, something I was very proud of making happen.

Dimensions (framed): 44.5 cm L x 30.5 cm W x 2.5 cm H (17.5” L x 12” W x 1” H)

Why will this make for a great LEGO set?
LEGO sets and creations have continued to become more and more prominent in people’s homes, displayed on shelves, tables, desks, walls, mantles, and more. The LEGO Brick patent is something any builder would be proud to display in their home. And with the flexibility to choose how it’s displayed, it can be easily integrated beautifully into any space!

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