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Medieval Pharmacy


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Even in the Lego medieval world minifigures can get sick. Sometimes, after a long night in the tavern, they need potions to cure headache or stomach ache. Shame on the innkeeper for his spoiled goods!

Now they can go to the pharmacy to catch some pleasant mixtures!

Background story:

This medieval pharmacy represents a family business leaded by an ambitious woman, which is well-informed on herbology. Her grandfather helps to produce the potions in the basement. He also raises common herbage down there. Her younger brother searches for rare ingredients in the forest nearby. Luckily he gets help by his clever dog. But they all do not know that there is a hidden treasure at the attic! Many years ago an adventurer revealed the secret of the building and found a way to enter the attic. Sadly he was poisoned by the creepy spider and passed away. His skeleton still holds the key to open the treasure chest in his bony hand. Will someone discover the secret and claim the treasure?

It is possible to swing open the timbered medieval house to reveal the different floors. It includes a chimney with pots and a trowel. Different ingredients are growing and drying in the basement. There are barrels, potions, bottles and cans displayed at the selling floor, even a scale is included. The top floor contains rare golden pieces. In the front garden you find a well.

There are 5 minifigures included:

  • female herbal expert
  • grandfather
  • younger brother with his dog
  • skeleton adventurer
  • sick knight

I aimed to create an addition to the official Medieval Market Village, because I just love complete looking hinged buildings.

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