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Retro Comic Store

Candy and Comics, when my dad was a kid he said those were his two favorite things! This is my newest build: The Retro Comic store! If you somehow don't know what comics are basically pictures that tell a story. 

This build has 2989 pieces, 7 Minifigures, and two different builds.

The Build:
  • The Comic store was made to look very old-fashioned but very fun on the inside. On the bottom floor, there are comics, posters, action figures, and even costumes! On the top floor, there is a large bookshelf, a bed, and a small bathroom.
  • For the Candy store, I designed it to be like the ones in the 1980s. When you go in you put your candy in bags and weigh it for the total price. In there I have all types of candy including lollipops, chocolate, and gumballs.
  • I made a Beagle! A lot of people from my Viking Village lego ideas project said they loved the brick-built sheep so I decided to make another brick-built animal!
  • I added a payphone! On the left side of the candy store, there is a payphone! Sadly the photo that was rendered with it didn't look professional, but maybe I’ll show it to you guys in a future update.
  • I decided it would be a fun Idea to reference other lego ideas sets. For one of them, I made a Sony Walkman and for another, I have a 1957 Blue Chip 100. It was really fun to make them and they really make it look like the scene is set in the 80s.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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