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The Tea Shop


Hi! take a walk through our neighborhood, here you will find the Tea Shop.

Sit back and enjoy a drink with cookies, go to the balcony by our spiral staircase and enjoy the city breeze. The sunsets are spectacular from here.

Come with your sidecar and pass under our building through the gallery, surely on the other side you will find a place to park.

A building with two detailed facades and three heights that facilitates the insertion into a diorama due to its two faces. It also facilitates the crossing of vehicles and pedestrians on both sides of the building, the passage is made through two vaulted galleries

On the ground floor we find the tea shop and the terrace. On the second floor, a balcony and access to the house, in it we find a decorated living room and spiral stairs that take us to the 2nd floor where we find a bedroom, a bathroom and a small balcony.

The canteen bar can be deployed from the model to serve as a stand in the street (it will be in the next update)

The set includes the building, a motorcycle with sidecar and 6 minifigures

-Child with baseball glove and backpack

-Father of the child

-Girl with top

-Tea shop owner

-Biker (woman)

-Biker (man)


A project with a lot of aroma, curves and color. I hope you like it

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