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Minecraft MicroWorld: Desert Village & Stronghold

Hi folks!

--My next 2 projects will be The Mushroom Islands and The Jungle! I will do both of them at 300 supports! --

--Fully 1x1 plated coming at 400 supports!!!--

Welcome to another of my Minecraft projects! This time it is the Desert Village! This project took many days to complete and I think it is one of my best ones! So I hope you enjoy it and share it around and please support!

Let`s move on to the project...


* 4 Micromobs (Villager, Librarian Villager, Blacksmith Villager and Zombie Villager)

* Stronghold under Village

* Villager house

* Blacksmith shop

* Farming place and a well

* And so many more details!

Let`s now take a closer look!

Here is a closer look at the micromobs! You may also see a better view at the Blacksmith shop and the house, and a small peek at the library under it!....

Closer look with no mobs... Well, it seems the Villager is just peeking out... Wait a minute... That is a Zombie Villager! It seems a Villager has been infected! We need to call a doctor... Anyways you may see another view of the Blacksmith shop...

And Finnaly, here is the Stronghold! (I know, it got cut a bit but that is no great deal) You may see the library, and just so you know, the library is composed of BIG stickers I made - in fact, this is the project that has the most stickers in it! There is about 20 stickers here, including the library stickers, library chest stickers, End Portal stickers, lava stickers (Plain orange seen on the lower section of the picture) and the Villagers` faces!

I made this cool feature so it looks accurate to the real game!

Well that was it, hope you enjoyed as I did, please support and pass the word!

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I would like to thank DH123, IronManMk17, StickCity, BrickCore99, Creatorj1, brickking31, Ayd2195, GabeMiller, Nightwing20, moomoominer and many more whose names I don`t remember right know. Thanks guys!

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