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Among Us

This Lego Ideas project I have created is based off of the popular game Among Us, a mystery game where there can be one to three importers the rest of the crew member try to complete tasks throughout the ship and find out who is the impostor(s).
This project is a recreation of the Skeld map in the game, with each room you can enter on the ship. I have tried to include as many details from the game as possible.
It includes the 12 different color characters you can be in the game: red, yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, purple, cyan, lime, black, white, and brown, who each come with different hats you can wear in the game.
I decided to make Among Us into a Lego ideas project because it is a fun game that I really enjoy playing.    
Please help by supporting and sharing this project, and feel free to check out my other projects as well. Thanks

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