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City of Venera


New Freighter-MonoRail Design


Replace the City Plaza

Hello there, guys!

I´m thinking about replacing the City Plaza at the right end of the city because the luxury hotel almost has a park with deciduous trees and green grass, so the City Plaza seems like a duplication and therefore boring; I even think that I overcrowded the Plaza with pines.

I had the idea to build a Landing Pad for Freighter Aircrafts into this empty sector.



Possible new Harbour Crane Design

I´ve decided to create a possible new Harbour Crane Design, because of the older version looks to small compared to the street or the Construction Crane. However the newer version is a little bit hard to build (because of the legs), I think the newer version looks more well then the older.

The older version has a part quantity of 8 bricks, the newer version has a part quantity of 13 bricks.